We will respond to questions that you send to a designated email address that we will provide. We will respond on a weekly basis unless you upgrade to a Rapid Reply support plan.

You can ask us questions about the work we’ve performed or work we’ve agreed to perform.

Requests for work not included in our current Scope of Work will incur additional fees. Please refer to the Scope of Work for a detailed list of the services we will perform. For new work or changes to our current agreement, submit a Change Request Form.

We will apply a 50% rush premium for questions and requests received by any other method than email. Texts, unscheduled phone calls, instant messages, and the like should be used for urgent requests that need a response in 12 hours or less. If you want us to prioritize a task that does not need to be instantly handled, i.e., rushed, then email us and include PRIORITY in the email subject heading. We will work on PRIORITY-labeled emails first during the normally scheduled time.