Online Review for QuickBooks

Are your books a mess due to time restraints or rapid growth?

When companies go through rapid growth or a busy selling season, it’s not uncommon for responsible staff to get behind on routine tasks such as paying bills, organizing receipts, and recording transactions. If you think your business needs another pair of eyes to take an in-depth look at your books, we can jump in and get started now. We’ll dive into your QuickBooks Online (QBO) file while you focus on running your company. Let us help you clean up your books!

We use our What’s Wrong Review checklist to find QBO errors that need to be fixed to provide an honest picture of how your business is doing. After our review, you’ll receive a summary report detailing what we’ve found and our recommendations for improvement.

What does the What’s Wrong Review include?

The What’s Wrong Review + Report includes the following:

  • Up to four-hour review of your QBO file where we look at your
    • company settings
    • bank reconciliations
    • chart of accounts
    • uncleared deposits
    • expense categorizations
    • product/service list
    • vendor list
    • accounts receivable
    • accounts payable
    • payroll
    • financial reports
    • and more!
  • Written What’s Wrong Report—complete with screenshots—that shows the areas that contain significant accounting errors and that require adjustment to provide a clearer picture of your financial results.
  • A detailed checklist for getting QBO caught up and keeping your books up-to-date going forward.
  • 30-minute screen sharing session to go over our findings and recommendations.

What happens after I receive the What’s Wrong Report?

We won’t leave you in the lurch! You can use the report to help you tackle QBO cleanup yourself, or you can hire us. And we’ll happily take that task off your plate. Contact us right now to learn more about our What’s Wrong Review.