Retainer Packages

Why should you hire us on an hourly basis?

  • Clarity + Convenience: We’ll provide you with a detailed time report on a monthly basis that shows how we used our time. We’ll provide you with a list of tasks and services we think you’ll need prior to working on your finances. As a result, you’ll know in advance where we’ll focus our efforts.

And don’t worry about getting hit with a big bill. Once your retainer is used up. We’ll automatically debit your bank account for the amount of your current retainer package and send you a receipt. If you want to cancel, just email us at least 30 days before you want to terminate our agreement to let us know you’d like to cancel.

  • Flexibility + Productivity: Avoid time-consuming contract negotiations. Fixed-price services are limited in scope, and you’re required to submit change order requests for even small tweaks to our written agreement. We do this to ensure we’re clearly managing expectations, correctly invoicing you, and effectively budgeting our time.

On the other hand, retainer packages are great for growth companies with constantly changing business needs and few to no written financial policies and procedures. You pay the standard hourly rate for the specific services we provide. And those hourly rates vary based on the actual service provided. Meaning, you’re not locked into paying higher prices for lower skilled work.

We’ll advise you on ways to improve productivity and get more value from our services. Our detailed time reports will help you and us identify money (time) leaks in your company’s financial processes.

  • Savings + Value: We invest in our education, continually seeking out better ways of doing things, Our prices reflect the value of our expertise and our ability to quickly get things done without hassling you with a million follow up questions.

How does it work?

  1. Select the hourly retainer package that works for you.
  2. Complete the FMCF Payment Authorization Form.
  3. We’ll automatically debit your checking account for the amount of the retainer you select once your retainer balance hits zero. We’ll also email you a time report to show you what we worked on.
  4. Hours expire ninety (90) days after purchase. Retainer packages are non-refundable.

What are my options?

Option #1

$2,000 advance retainer. Qualifies you for a 5% reduction on our standard hourly rates. ACH payment authorization required.

Option #2

$4,000 advance retainer. Qualifies you for a 7.5% reduction on our standard hourly rates. ACH payment authorization required.

Option #3

$6,000 advance retainer. Qualifies you for a 10% reduction on our standard hourly rates. ACH payment authorization required.

Support Add-Ons

With each of our retainer packages, we’ll respond to your questions and requests with three (3) business days. If you’d like to receive a faster response, select one of your Rapid Reply add-on options below.

Rapid Reply Basic – $ 750 per month to receive a response to your questions and requests within two (2) business days.

Rapid Reply Plus – $1,500 per month to receive a response to your questions and requests within one (1) business day.

What if I need you to respond to a question or request right away?

We encourage you to purchase one of our Rapid Reply add-ons to reduce the need for rush requests. Rush requests are non-standard tasks which require completion within twelve (12) hours. Such requests may result in a 50% rush charge at our discretion. You will be notified via email or text if a rush charge applies and will need to acknowledge and accept, prior to any rush work being started.

Services + Pricing

The list below includes standard hourly pricing and examples of the tasks completed for each service. As a cloud-based accounting firm, all services are provided virtually. At its sole discretion, Company may choose to attend in-person Client meetings. Client will pay Company for travel time to and from the meeting location should Company agree to an in-person meeting request.

____ Bookkeeping ($110 per hour)

  • Enter transactions for bank, PayPal, credit card, and line of credit accounts.
  • Reconcile bank, PayPal, credit card, and line of credit accounts.
  • Record adjusting journal entries in QuickBooks Online (QBO) to make accounts reflect the proper balance.
  • Perform month-end financial closing procedures by the end of the following month assuming Client has provided Company with all relevant information on a timely basis.
  • Work with management to create standard monthly accounting reports that will be generated directly from the accounting software. Any specialized reports requiring additional calculations and other analysis will be billed at Company’s hourly rate for CFO services.
  • Save and organize customer invoices, vendor bills, receipts, and other important documents.
  • Save year-to-date monthly Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, and General Ledger Detail reports in QBO for Client review.

____ Accounts Receivable ($110 per hour)

  • Prepare customer invoices based on Client-provided information. Invoices will be prepared using your existing, documented procedures. Important: Design, documentation, and implementation of Client’s customer invoicing and collection processes and procedures are considered Consulting services and are not a part of Company’s Accounts Receivable services.
  • Review fully executed contracts with Client’s customers for invoice-related terms.
  • Register Client on relevant supplier portals as required by Client’s customers.
  • Submit customer invoices via email or other electronic means.
  • Apply customer payments to open invoices in QBO.
  • Follow-up on past due customer invoices via email. Here is the sequence:
    • email #1 – Send standard customer statement from QBO
    • email #2 – Send customer personalized email after 1st collection attempt
    • email #3 – Send customer personalized email after 2nd collection attempt
  • Provide month-end Accounts Receivable Aging Detail in QBO for Client review.

____ Accounts Payable ($110 per hour)

  • Request W-9s from Client’s independent contractors.
  • Record Client-approved vendor bills in QBO.
  • Issue vendor bill payments via online banking for bills that are due within the next seven (7) days. Client is responsible for making sure enough cash is available in the Client’s checking account on the payment date to cover vendor payments. Cash flow forecasting performed by Company will be invoiced to Client as CFO services.
  • Record vendor bill payments in QBO.
  • Issue and e-file Form 1099-MISC for Client’s independent contractors if required.  

____ Consulting + QuickBooks Online Training ($175 per hour)

  • Document or update existing financial policies and procedures.
  • Design new financial policies and procedures using best practices.
  • Create productivity-improving checklists, templates, forms, and reference materials (Client profile sheet).
  • Assist
  • Review and correct, if needed) QBO transactions entered by Client.
  • Recommend software applications that will help Client streamline processes, segregate duties, and reduce the time required to create accurate financial information,
  • Set up financial-related software applications which include, but are not limited to software applications designed for time tracking, forecasting, expense reporting, vendor bill payment, and customer invoice collections. Note: Client is responsible for paying for software subscription fees and incremental costs associated with the applications.
  • Provide QBO training to Client’s staff upon request.  

____ Payroll ($150 per hour)

  • Issue bi-weekly paychecks to Client’s employees via direct deposit using Gusto software.
  • Report new hires to the relevant state through Gusto.
  • Provide employees with electronic copies of their paystubs through Gusto website.
  • Provide summary and/or detailed payroll reports for each pay run through Gusto website.
  • Pay payroll tax deposits from Client’s bank account.
  • Prepare and file quarterly 941, state withholding, and unemployment returns.
  • Prepare and file annual 940 and W-2s.

____ Tax Compliance (Free!)

  • Prepare annual tax package for Client’s income tax return preparer including Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, General Ledger Detail, year-end bank and credit card statements, reconciliation reports, and fixed asset listing.

____ Two-Hour Get Organized Meeting (Free!)

  • Tell you how to create and save account login info quickly and securely.
  • Digitally organize Company’s documents so that they can be easily found.

____ CFO/Controller ($295 per hour)

  • Create and update custom spreadsheets.
  • Prepare Quarterly Financial Performance package, which includes
    • Written observations about Client’s performance during the quarter
    • KPI results and explanations
    • Cash flow analysis
    • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet in summary format, including variance analysis
  • Help Client navigate loan application process.
  • Monitor Client’s financial KPIs and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Hold monthly financial review meetings with Client to explain financial reports and answer questions.