How to Review and Approve Vendor Bills in

1. Log in to

2. Click on Approvals in the left navigation menu.

3. Click on the bill number for the vendor’s invoice that you’d like to review.

4. Make sure the following items in the Bill Summary section match the vendor’s bill. Pay close attention to the accuracy of the vendor name, invoice due date, bill amount, description, account/category, and class (if applicable). Determine whether the account/category and class are correct for tax and budgeting/planning purposes. 

5. Choose what you’d like to do with the bill:

5a. Approve: Click on Approve in the upper right corner to approve the bill.

5b. Deny: Click on More actions in the upper right corner and select the reason you’re denying the bill: Needs Review, Duplicate Bill, Incorrect Bill Detail. @ your colleague to let them know what’s wrong the bill. Enter the reason why you’re denying the bill in the text box that appears. The bill creator will be notified the bill needs review.

5c. Skip: Click on the right arrow to move on to the next bill without approving or denying the bill.

6. Leave any notes you have about the bill in the Notes section. Use @ to tag and notify a member of the FMCF team and click Submit.