How to Find a Detailed Breakdown of Bill Payments in may make one withdrawal from your checking account to pay for multiple bills. So, when you look at your online bank account, all you might see is a chunk of money leaving your account and going to Payables. Which doesn’t tell you much about where your money will end up.

Follow the steps below to see exactly which bills were paid by a batch withdrawal:

1. Log in to

2. Click on Reports in the left navigation bar.

3. Click on the Funds Transfer Detail for Payments report.

4. Filter the report:

4a. Select the appropriate date or time period in the Dates fields.

4b. In the Group By field, select Date.

4c. Choose whatever Report Format you’d like and click on Go.

5. The Funds Transfer Detail that appears will show the batch payment withdrawal from your checking account as a subtotal. It’ll also show which bills were paid with the batch withdrawal.