How to check a vendor’s payment history in

Inevitably, a vendor will tell you that you didn’t pay a bill that you know you paid. Occasionally, a vendor might ask you when they should expect to receive payment for their invoice. 

Here’s what you do to check your payment history with a specific vendor. 

1. Log in to

2. In the search field in the top left corner of your screen, enter the vendor’s name (or a portion of their name) and hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard.

3. Click on the appropriate vendor’s name. 

4. On the Bills tab, check the Status column to see whether a bill is Paid, Scheduled, or Unpaid. (The Unpaid status means a bill hasn’t been paid and it hasn’t been scheduled for payment.) 

5. Click on the invoice in question under the Bills tab.

6. Click on the View Payment Details link under the Bill Summary section on the right.

7. A page will appear showing you details such as the total payment amount, which invoices were paid, the date they were paid, the date the payment was deposited, and so on.