Our most successful relationships are based on a clearly defined set of expectations related to the delivery of outsourced cloud accounting services.

There are no accounting emergencies. We strive to serve our clients in a way that prevents accounting emergencies by putting in place tested and proven best practices. As such, your services will be assigned to our team and scheduled at the appropriate interval, based on our Scope of Work. If you need additional services, please submit a Change Request Form for the standard accounting services you require.

Your company is responsible for all of its financial activity. You make all management decisions and perform all management functions related to your business, including review and approval of the account codings we make to record your financial activity.

You will use your business bank and credit card accounts for business purposes only.  

You will provide us with necessary documents in a timely manner, including updated and corrected information, as needed.

Your Point of Contact (POC) should be available to provide timely responses to questions and calls for decisions and to devote the resources necessary to achieve the objectives of our agreement. If the information you provide is not submitted in a timely manner or is incomplete or unusable, we reserve the right to charge additional fees and expenses for services required for correction or catch-up work.

You will provide us with a separate username and password for read-only online access to your bank and credit card accounts. If required, you will assist with connecting your online bank account to QuickBooks Online, and reconnecting, as needed.

You will assist with the setup of electronic bill pay, reimbursement and/or payroll services.

The monthly close process is performed after the last day of the month. This process can take up to one month to complete. Any reports you run in QuickBooks Online are to be considered DRAFT versions until you have received notification that the reporting period has been closed.

We are able to offer affordable pricing by applying years of expertise in combination with standard processes developed for efficient workflow and performed at the stated schedule. Please be sure that you understand and agree to how the service works and the frequency it will be performed.

Services requested that are outside of the scope of work detailed need to be ordered and scheduled separately. The technology, practice, tools, software subscriptions and knowledge capital we use are owned by us. Transfer fees are paid in advance of transference of software subscription ownership.

We do not offer tax accounting services. We provide management accounting services (bookkeeping and controller services). You should consult the advice and services of a tax professional for any tax advice and guidance. We do not interface with your tax professional. We provide agreed upon services for your company which you are responsible for reviewing, adjusting, and communicating with your tax professional.

All communication with us will occur with your Point of Contact (POC), who may then communicate with the rest of your team if needed. Your POC is responsible for ensuring that the rest of your staff submit accounting-related documentation, expense reports, timesheets, etc. in a timely manner. Your POC is responsible for training your personnel or you may hire us separately for training engagements.