Bookkeeping Plan

We use QuickBooks Online (QBO) to keep track of your company’s financial activity. QBO is accessible on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. With our QBO bookkeeping services, you’ll have clear information that supports shrewd decision-making—throughout the year, not just at tax time.

Our Responsibility

Your Responsibility

We record your company’s financial activity in QBO. Transactions are entered via the bank feed on a cash-basis. Deposits and credits are reported as income; withdrawals and debits are reported as expenses.You must use a participating bank, i.e., one that seamlessly integrates with QBO.
We use the information you provide and our years of expertise to categorize transactions in QBO. You add us as a read-only user to your online bank accounts, which allows us to access your company’s financial activity without pestering you.
We will use a standard monthly checklist to review and close the books.You will submit a Change Order Request if you wish to modify our arrangement.
At your direction, we will customize standard QBO reports within the first 90 days of working together.You will respond to our questions and requests on a timely basis to avoid delays.
We will respond to questions or requests that you send to a designated email address that we will provide. We respond to emails received in this inbox on a weekly, semi-weekly, or daily basis—depending on the terms outlined in our Scope of Work.You will send questions and requests regarding our services to a designated email address that we will provide.
We will reconcile your bank and credit card accounts.You will follow up with your bank, credit card issuer, lender, etc. regarding unknown or suspicious transactions.
We will notify you when your financial reports are ready for your review.You will log in to QBO and other applications to access your financial reports any time you want.
We hold a 60-minute Financial Checkup to

    • Review the categorization of your purchases in QBO and update as needed
    • Go over standard dashboard reports that give you a high-level view of how your business is doing
    • Discuss financial results and insights
  • Discuss your plans for the business
You will review your financial reports and conduct a detailed review of the work we complete. You will let us know if any financial transactions in QBO need to be recategorized. We may decline to recategorize a transaction if we believe doing so could mislead current or future users of your financial reports.
Schedule your Financial Checkup online.You will schedule your Financial Checkup using a scheduling link that we provide. IMPORTANT: Please reference the Cancelations and Late Arrivals section of our Terms of Service.
Any clean up work or corrections we have to make as a result of your work will be billed at our standard Consulting rate at the time services are provided.If you use QBO to create or keep track of customer invoices, you will record customer payments in the correct QBO account as they are received.
We treat all transactions that clear your bank account(s) as business expenses of a single legal entity. If you would like us to provide bookkeeping services for multiple businesses, we must enter a separate Scope of Work for each company.You will use your business bank, credit card, loan, and other financial accounts for business purposes only.
We will put any unknown transactions in an Ask the Client account in QBO for you to address.You will provide a detailed description of products/services you purchased as well as the business purpose of any transactions in the Ask the Client account.
Vendor Bill Payment and Receipt Organization services are not included in this plan.You are responsible for keeping track of receipts, contracts, and other important documents unless you hire us to handle this for you.
Class, customer, and location tracking are not included in our standard bookkeeping plans.You will provide us with the information required to properly categorize and classify your financial transactions.