Bill Pay

We use to manage bill payments. is accessible on your laptop, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. With our bill payment services, you’ll have the help you need to pay the right people . . . the right amount . . . right on time.

Our Responsibility

Your Responsibility

You submit bills to us by emailing them to a unique email address that we will provide. You must submit a compliant invoice in order for us to process a vendor’s payment through our Bill Pay service. A vendor’s bill must reflect the amount owed for that specific invoice, including any deductions for discounts, deposits, or credits applied to your account. We will not calculate amounts owed to vendors.
When we receive a bill from a new vendor, we will

  • invite them to accept epayments. If they accept, they will enter and update their bank account details in
  • email them New Vendor Invoice Submission Instructions to describe our bill payment process.
  • request a W-9. We enter W-9 details and attach copies of W-9 forms to vendor records in
Before emailing us a vendor’s bill for processing, make sure it includes the required information listed in the New Vendor Invoice Submission Instructions.
We will enter vendor bills in using the information that is written on vendor bills. If a vendor’s bill is inaccurate or lacks necessary information, ask the vendor to update and resubmit their bill.You are responsible for enforcing vendor invoice submission policies with your vendors. We will not remind vendors to submit required documentation. Furthermore, we will not directly communicate with vendors beyond emailing them New Vendor Invoice Submission Instructions via
We enter bills and submit them for payment authorization to designated approvers within your company. You will receive an email from when bills are awaiting your approval. Approvers are responsible for reviewing bills and deciding whether to approve, deny, or skip bills for payment. Approvers will leave all pertinent notes in for us to review.
We will pay approved bills—via—based on the payment terms listed on the invoice. If no payment terms are entered on a vendor’s bill, we will use payment terms of 30 calendar days. You are responsible for ensuring adequate funds are available in your bank account to pay all approved bills.

Do not approve bills if you do not want us to pay them in the next scheduled pay run. Approvers can skip or deny bills they do not want us to pay.

We will not pay vendors using any other system than a vendor requires payment outside of or before the next scheduled pay run date, you will need to pay their invoice using an alternative payment method. Forward a copy of the check, credit card receipt, or other supporting documentation to us to record.
Vendors who sign up for epayments will receive payment via ACH and those who do not will receive checks via USPS mail. Regardless of how they are paid, vendors will receive an automated email from once payment is on its way. You will respond to vendor inquiries regarding the payment status of their bills and any other matters.
If you have an active Bill Pay plan, we will prepare and file 1099-MISC forms for vendors who both submitted W-9s and who received payments through our Bill Pay service.Collect W-9s from vendors prior to approving their first payment.
We will save vendor bills, W-9s, and other supporting documentation in We will not copy these documents over to QuickBooks Online or any other system.You are responsible for keeping track of whether bills are received and processed. You will log in to where you can find copies of bills, upcoming and past payments, W-9s, vendor bill-related reports, and more. Our Bill Pay service plan does not include running reports or researching information that is readily available in
Expense report processing is not included in our Bill Pay service plans. We will not review individual receipts or expense reports submitted by contractors or employees for compliance with your company’s expense reimbursement policy.You will require all vendors who you want us to pay via our Bill Pay service to submit a compliant invoice.

Check the accuracy of vendor statements by searching in for each bill listed on the vendor’s statement and confirming whether it was received and paid. Submit any missing bills to us processing.

When we pay bills through, funds are transferred from your bank account into a bank account. Payments are then sent to your vendors from the bank account. When you review your bank statement, you will see the batch withdrawal(s), not separate withdrawals for each bill payment. You will log in to to see which bills were included in a batch withdrawal.
Before submitting 1099-MISC forms to the IRS, we will present you with the information for approval. You are responsible for reviewing and providing any missing information, including contacting your vendors to obtain W-9s.Review W-9s to ensure they contain complete data to reduce the hassle of 1099 prep at year-end.